Sunday, March 31, 2013

Village of King City becoming a town?

Photos by Barry Wallace
King City is well on its way to increasing from 5,000 residents to 10,000 residents, in short order.   New home construction has continued throughout the winter in several parts of the village, and now that spring is upon us, things should really begin to boom.   The pictures in this blog entry were all taken in the Royal Collection subdivision, located on the south side of the King Road, west of the railways tracks.   Developments in four other locations, in the village, are also under way, with more still to begin.   This phase of the Royal collection has townhomes  up to $696,000 and detached homes priced up to $917,000.   Despite appearances, as seen in the photos below, a few of the homes are already occupied.   Meanwhile, the condominium apartments (pictured above and immediately below) have many units occupied.

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Barry Wallace

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