Tuesday, May 7, 2013

King City landmark succumbs...partially

Photo by Barry Wallace
Herman McBride house sliced in two 
The old Herman McBride house on Clearview Heights, at the south of King City, in behind Clearview Motors & Service Station has been slimmed down to make room for a second housing unit on the same building site.   Originally, a request had been proposed to completely dismantle the the old McBride house and build two new houses on the site.   The request was not granted however, and now the west portion of the McBride house will remain and a new house will be built on the east half of the lot.   Apparently, this planning compromise is supposed to please parties on both sides of the development issue.   Let's hope that what's left of the McBride house is affectionately restored and that the new house is of a complementary design.   The property for the present King City United Church, located a block north on Elizabeth Grove, was donated by the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Herman McBride back in the early 1960s.
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Barry Wallace

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