Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Plumbing supplies!! Are you kidding?

Photos by Barry Wallace

I casually asked someone this week if they knew what the former Chinese food restaurant, on the King Road in the middle of King City, was going to be when renovations
were complete and it re-opened.   My friend
replied that it was going to be a plumbing supplies store.   I gasped: "you're kidding?".
My friend was not kidding and we had a spirited discussion about the wisdom of such an undertaking.   We agreed the store seemed too small and that there was too little parking, plus it should be a chic retail store of some sort, or a speciality restaurant with Vietnamese food.....yeah, Vietnamese food!      With the hopes of so many villagers hanging on the revitalization of King City's business core and attractive retail development, a plumbing supply store seems a bit of a disappointment.   Maybe the plumbing info is a ruse and there is something chic in the works.   Oh well, we shall see what we shall see.
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Barry Wallace  


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