Friday, June 21, 2013

Kayaking on the canal

Photo by Barry Wallace
I usually drive along the Holland Marsh canals in northern King Township about once a week.   I hardly ever see boats of any kind on the waterways there.   In fact, I usually see more snowmobiles on the canals in wintertime, than boats in summer.   But today was one of those rare occasions when someone was making his way in the direction of Bradford, in a long kayak with an outrigger.   The weather seemed perfect: sunny, light breezes and 20`C.   The new and improved canals are wider and deeper and could in fact be used for multi-lane kayak racing.
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Barry Wallace


  1. looks great. I too never saw people kayaking on this canal. Maybe more will be tempted to do so.

  2. Such a peaceful looking picture looks green and very pleasant to be out in canal