Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Nobleton-King City Garden Tour

7 Nobleton and King City-area gardens stole the show during a beautifully sunny day today, on the annual garden tour.   The diversity of plants and their settings were, as always, wonderfully entertaining and inspiring.   (All photos by Barry Wallace) 

Photo above and below taken at the home of Jack and Dolena Hurst's Weston Road property which features the old Strange Presbyterian kirk which dates from 1860.

Hummingbird feeder
Black Forest Garden Centre ~ Keele Street
The Secret Garden at Black Forest Garden Centre
Birdhouse at Black Forest Garden Centre
Water feature at the home of Adriana and Peter Tetley

What a man needs in gardening
 is a cast-iron back with a hinge in it.
-- Charles Dudley Warner
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Barry Wallace

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