Monday, July 29, 2013

But are they permanent?

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Visitors to the 3rd annual Cruise for the Cure, two Sundays ago, at Tim and Brenda Schmidt's amazing farm on the Weston Road north of Laskay, got a bit of a surprise when they drove onto the grounds.   Recent additions to the impressive entrance included a rusted auto from the 1930s on the north side and an equally rusted old grain binder from the last century, on the south side.   They were both eye-catching, to say the least.   The ordinary person hearing about such a combination could be forgiven for being very sceptical about this strange presentation, but oddly enough it worked.   There was a neat symmetry to the design.   The rust colour of the old metal blended with the orange ground-cover and there was a nostalgic feel to the combined new-old scene.   The event raised a whopping $95,000 for Prostrate Cancer Canada and Shriners Children's Hospital, bringing the total raised in just its first three years to $215,000.   Well done all around, Tim and Brenda.
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Barry Wallace

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