Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beavers take over fishing hole

 Photos by Barry Wallace
This is a popular King Township fishing hole on Pumphouse Rd, just south of Bridge Street (old Yonge Street / Hwy.11), east of Bradford.   I often stop here looking for birds for my 'BarrytheBirder' blogsite.   There were no birds to speak of on Tuesday but there were three beavers (one adult and two youngsters) busily stripping bark and branches from old 'Creek Willows' that had fallen into the west branch of the Holland River.   I watched them for about a half hour as they went about their work, totally ignoring me and others on the opposite side of the river.   The pictures were taken using a 70-300 mm lens, which wasn't quite enough lens, but I can't seem to bring myself to pay a king's ransom for a bigger lens. 
A youngster follows the adult out of the water up onto the riverbank.
 The beaver were climbing up fallen branches to a height of almost 3.5 metres.
 The youngsters (above) kept moving to what they thought were better spots.
 Whenever the adult (above) found a spot to its liking, it seemed content to stay put.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Amazing what you can find on Holland Marsh,enjoyed these shots a lot,facinating