Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kingcross Estates re-invents itself

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Back in the very late 1950s, Joe Gelleny introduced one of the most elegant, country estate home developments in all of Canada.   It was located between Keele and Jane Streets, at the north end of King City.   Now, 55 years later, a transformation is underway.   A transformation that could conceivably see every one of the original homes torn down and replaced with grand soaring mansions, two and three times larger than the originals.   Pictured at top is the home that probably attracted more drive-by spectators, in the early 1960s, than any other house in the development.   I saw many of these homes being built and spent one summer, when I was 17 years old, working for Joe Gelleny's brother, who did most of the roof shingling of the new homes.   One blazing hot summer was enough of that for me.   Below are photos of some of the new homes transforming Kingcross Estates.

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Barry Wallace      


  1. Greetings Barry; Many of the houses in Kingscross Estates have been either torn down or simply abandoned, including the one pictured at the top of your post. Apparently, many of the roofs leaked causing considerable damage over the years.
    By the way, Kingscross has three s, just like the entrance sign in this post.