Monday, December 21, 2015

New subdivision underway in King City

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Old Jimmy Cairns farm disappears
The physical development of the old Jimmy Cairns farm on the 15th Sideroad, west of Keele Street, is underway.   The site sits between Kingscross Estates on the south and Villanova College to the north.   The last Cairns family member to work the farm was the late Elmer Cairns, who took over the farm from his father, Jimmy Cairns.   There are still some longtime King Township residents who refer to the 15th Sideroad as the Jimmy Cairns Sideroad, and that name was in use throughout most of the last century.   For decades in the 1900s the Cairns home was the only residence on the 15th Sideroad, between the 4th Concession (Keele Street) and the 5th Concession (Jane Street).   The Cairns family name dates back to the early 1800s in King.   On the west side of King Township, the Cold Creek Conservation Area sits on land that was once owned by two Cairns brothers in the mid-1800s.   They were uncles of Jimmy Cairns.   The new subdivision development took quite some time to become a reality.   A number of issues arose that took much negotiation to settle.   Longtime residents of Kingscross Estates objected to development so close to their country estate homes. Even as the development gets underway, there are issues, such as buffer zones, still in the settlement phase.   In the photo below, one of the six Kingscross residential properties that adjoin the new development site, can be seen behind the new subdivision site.

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Barry Wallace

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