Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Big heavy horses and little heavy horses

 New Foal 
at Dog Tales
The Percheron mare, seen at right, surprised the folks at Dog Tales Sanctuary, when she gave birth about 6 weeks ago.   She had been purchased on a rescue basis at an auction and the big-hearted folks at Dog Tales didn't know she was pregnant.   The Dog Tales folks has since discovered that two or three other recently purchased mares may also be pregnant.
The new colt spends a lot of his time catching forty winks, as can be seen in the the bottom photo.   Dog Tales Sanctuary is meant to be a final destination for old and unwanted heavy horses.   Any colts and fillies born there will likely be sold or donated to other new owners or welcoming facilities.   Visitors can see this colt on Sundays.

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Barry Wallace

Photos by Barry Wallace

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