Monday, May 16, 2016

What are the origins of these log cabins?

 Photos by Barry Wallace

 King Ridge ~ west side of Weston Rd.
between the 16th & 17th Sideroads
While visiting the museum last week, I chatted briefly with the guardian angels of the King historical archives, Elsa-Ann Pickard and Louise Di Iorio. The subject of the two log cabins (pictured above) came up and the question of their origins hung in the air, unanswered.   Louise suggested I run pictures of the two cabins on this blogsite, in hopes that someone with a long memory knows from whence the cabins came.   One is reported to be 170 years old (1846?)   The log cabins both have a second floor, constructed on a storey-and-a-half basis, which meant long ago they avoided being taxed on a more expensive two-story basis.     The cabin with the red door is located near the top of the south slope of the King Ridge and the other cabin is located near the bottom of the north slope of the King Ridge.   They are exactly one kilometre apart.   If anyone knows or has even a hint of the origins of these two amazing cabins, please give either Elsa-Ann or Louise a call at the museum...(905) 833-2331.   Or if you prefer, leave a comment here and I will be pleased to pass it on to the 'archives ladies'.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Could the owners help giving more information about these lovely log cabins? Or maybe one of the real estate agents in town knows some interesting facts.