Saturday, February 25, 2017

King Road business activity in King City

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Hair Salon to open beside Rockford's Pub
Renovations are underway on the building formerly occupied by Don Fenn's business enterprises, beside Rockford's Bar and Grill, in the middle of the village.   A building permit has been issued by the township for a hair salon.

Meanwhile on the east side of Rockford's, the building that was home to Diserati's Home Bakery, before it closed several weeks ago for renovations, has recently had all signage removed at the street entrance and on the frontage of the building.   King's planning department says that no building permit has been issued in connection with this business, which opened in the spring of last year.   It's a wait and see game, it seems.

Meanwhile, further west of the King Road, one of King's best-known historic buildings has a 'For Sale' on its property frontage.   For almost half of the last century, this building was renowned as King City Bakery, operated by Bob McLeod and his wife.   He was followed years later by Flavelle Barrett who operated a financial services business for many years.   I believe this building has some official historical protection designation.   Many King oldtimers will have keen anticipation for this building's next reincarnation.
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Barry Wallace   

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  1. McLeods Bakery was a favorite stop on the way home from school .The display cases were always filled with cupcakes, lemon squares, brownies, apple strudel and cookies that were a meal all by themselves. Sorry Tim-Bits, you wouldn't have lasted.
    The picture of the shop could have been taken 60 years ago , the only thing different is the satellite dish on the wall