Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Many, many families at Cold Creek Winterfest

Photos by Barry Wallace
Hundreds of kids, parents, grandparents and others spent four beautiful hours at Cold Creek Conservation Area on Monday, for the annual Winterfest celebration.   Roasting marshmallows (above) was a popular non-stop past-time for kids and adults.   Another non-stop activity for the kids, and some parents, was using plastic sliders and metal saucers to slip down a hill beside the visitors centre.    In the the photo below, several kids didn't use anything, except their bodies, to joyously slip down the slope.

Pictured above is the heavy-horse team of Chase (left) and Bailey (right), from Bradford, that hauled folks around, non-stop, in a big red wagon until it seemed every single person who attended the event got a ride at some point during the festival.  

Many dogs enjoyed the day also, including the French Bulldog, (above left), Sparky the fire safety dog, (above right), and below, two white cuties seen introducing themselves.

Standing on the porch of the Cold Creek Education Centre are Cold Creek Executive members Bill Wilson and Peggy Belcher, who appear to be quite content with how successful the Winterfest day turned out.   The weather was perfect. 

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Barry Wallace

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