Monday, September 18, 2017

2017 Schomberg Street Gallery show and sale

 Photos by Barry Wallace
"Who was that masked artist?"

Channeling the Group of Seven

Large format high gloss resin art
(above and below)

I can't seem to attend the Schomberg Street Gallery each year without getting a photo of one of the numerous, art-loving pooches around and about.   The one above belonged to one of the artists and just two weeks ago it was a saved rescue dog.   Its new owners welcomed it into their home just the day before the Street Gallery.   It was a charmer.

This Main Street Schomberg home got as much attention as the Schomberg Street Gallery art show.   It is for sale and someone made a wise decision to hold an open house on the same day as the art show and sale.   It drew an endless stream of curious visitors.

This year's Street Gallery featured more artists than ever and the overall quality of the many art forms was the best ever.

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Barry Wallace

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