Friday, September 1, 2017

More photos of Laskay Hall's historic move...

Photos by Barry Wallace
Laskay Hall stopped in front of the King Heritage & Cultural Centre and proceeded to be backed into its designated spot, just to the east of the heritage and cultural centre.   Below, workers had to re-align wheels to allow their payload to be reversed into its new resting spot.

Above and in the four photos below, Laskay Hall looms large as it slowly backs into its new site, where a new foundation, with a full basement is still under construction.   Completion of the placement of Laskay Hall on its new foundation should take place in about one month.

Museum curator, Kathleen Fry, was delighted and amazed at the proceedings in Kinghorn.   Below, is the man who made everything work so well: Laurie McCulloch, of Whitby.   Laurie, his son and grandson, and their skilled team of workers had onlookers, most with cameras, thrilled and fascinated. 

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Barry Wallace


  1. I have really enjoyed your photo essay over the past few days Barry. I will definitely visit the museum once it is in place.

    The whole process of moving such a large structure and keeping it in tack is fascinating.

  2. Who was the driver of the truck? Kudos to him too.