Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Everything new will be old again...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
This is the nearly completed new home in Kettleby that has replaced an older home that was deemed unfit to be saved and restored.  Opponents of the new replacement home's design thought it would not suit Kettleby's old village image and historical streetscape.   But anyone who didn't know the history of the matter might very well think the house's design and finished appearance are quite suitable to neighbouring properties with older traditional appearances.    The fact is that the story has been told and all involved must move on.  I look forward to seeing just how appropriate and attractive the house looks when it is finished.   It will have, beside it, an older existing  structure that provides garaging for at least two vehicles and a loft with gable roof above to make for a pleasant complementary relationship with the new design. 

if you wish.

Barry Wallace

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