Monday, September 30, 2019

'Making Canada Work' ~ 1992 by John Crispo

Photos by Barry Wallace

The following is is taken from John Crispo's 1992 book entitled 'Making Canada Work'.   It is from the first paragraph of chapter 3, entitled: 'The Political Vacuum'.

"Given the many troubles that beset Canada, constitutional and otherwise, about the last thing this country can afford is to be totally bereft of credible political leadership at the national level.   The present frustration among voters is reflected in the fact that at least five parties could  do reasonably well in the next federal election, resulting in a totally unpredictable coalition government.   Such a volatile situation would only exacerbate the instability that is undermining our ability to build a competitive economy...".

Well if this isn't "deja vu" in 2019, then I don't know what is.  In 1993, the Liberals swept to power, the PCs were clobbered, and the Bloc and Reform parties surged.   The NDP were also-rans.   Could there possibly be a coalition government in Ottawa this time around?   We shall see what we shall see on Monday, October 21, or maybe the following Tuesday morning.

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Barry Wallace