Thursday, August 19, 2021

My kid sister gets around...just like mom did


Photos by April Dawn Georgekish-Gull

Denise at Valemount, B.C.
Some folks in King Township may remember my kid sister, Denise Georgekish.   She was a prom queen at King City Secondary School back in the 1970s, but spent most of her adult life in the native village of Wemindji, in northern Quebec.  She's currently on a trip to western Canada with her daughter, April Dawn Georgekish-Gull, and she looks mighty fine for someone who was born 70 years ago.   You keep motoring girls and have fun.

Venerable 6-point Elk
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Barry Wallace


  1. How nice that she takes after your Mom in a way that sparks memories for you.

  2. Was in her class at the Doris M Patton on Keele St.(referred to as the old school) - that was over 60 years ago.
    Safe travels - watch out for the fires and mud slides here in BC.

  3. I always liked the girls from King. Denise was in my class in High School. Last time I saw Denise was about 25 years ago at a funeral in The King church. Please pass on my greetings and wish her well.

  4. It was my sister who aroused the interest in the native population. Denise had a party one time in the crooked little house. It was 1969.

  5. We had a class party in 1966 at Boy’s Lake on Weston north of the 15th SR. Denise went swimming. I am not sure what the rest of us did.

  6. Boy’s Lake property on Weston north of the 15th which was named Kin Kyle, was owned for a while by the Borden’s. The Borden’s lived here after they sold Tannery Hill Farm. Not too sure why we were able to have a party here.

    Wemindji looks like a nice modern place. Was Denise a teacher all this time?

  7. Denise is a wonderful lady. I met her as my roommate on my first trip to Israel. She is also a detailist. Blessings to her.May she have a long enjoyable life.

    Leila Drakes