Friday, December 7, 2012

Condos on Elmpine Trail?!?

   Deer seen from Elmpine Trail and  Mill Road 
Photos by Barry Wallace
Landseer Newfoundland and Black Newfoundland dogs at rest on Elmpine Trail
Elmpine Trail homes
East Humber River
Short path from west end of Elmpine Trail to the East Humber River
Mill Road traffic jam
My friend Karen, from King Creek, asked me what I thought of the recently reported proposal to build a 120-unit adult-lifestyle condominium apartment right in the middle of farm and conservation lands near Mill Road and Elmpine Trail, at King Creek.   My response, in one word, is: stupid.   As is my wont, I hope the pictures in this blog will speak volumes about this proposed development.   I'll leave it to our councillors and other others, more qualified than I, to spell-out exactly in words and policy why this idea does not have a hope in hell....because if the idea does have wings, then we can all say goodbye to King Township, as we know it.
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Barry Wallace


  1. WHAT???????????? !!!!!!!!! I'm shaking my head.

  2. Oh my gosh Barry, I'm pretty sure i saw you yesterday morning! My dog Wembley the weimaraner came to "greet" you!! I hope he didn't jump up on you! Thanks for the post! Awareness is good. Mr. Pacifico's plan almost slipped through the cracks entirely! We found out because a neighbour saw the proposal in the King Sentinel!
    p.s. next time i will say HI!! :)

  3. Thanks for posting those pictures and yout interest in our problem Barry, as 49 year residents of the Trails both Bill and I are opposed to the whole idea, there are so few areas left like this and it would be shame to spoil it with development, we are going to fight to keep it this way, thanks again, Bill and Joan Lohnes