Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mild weather means free-range break

Photos by Barry Wallace
Very mild temperatures earlier this week expanded the territory somewhat for certain range-free critters in the Holland Marsh.   Afternoon temperature in the marsh was 12C, while an all-time record of 16.8C was set in Toronto for the day, on Tuesday.   The dapper fellow above was keeping an eye on his hens, on the front lawn of a house on Woodchopper's Lane.     
Meanwhile, above, a pair of Vietnamese Pigs were strolling along the Pumphouse Road, heading towards a nearby small barn.   I noticed these two in the same place both Monday and Tuesday of this week and the wet but warm weather seemed to be to their liking.
Last but not least, at the bottom of the marsh on Keele Street, two Llamas were enjoying the day as they ranged freely about a large farm.
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