Friday, December 21, 2012

Outdoor flowering vine starting to bud

Photo by Barry Wallace
I took this picture, in the garden, a few hours before  the first day of winter 2012/2013 began.   I have forgotten the name of this plant but it is a beautiful blooming vine that lasts all summer once it gets rolling.   The problem is it should not  bloom until next spring, but as you can see it is budding now.   The budding process will halt of course when temperatures drop to normal levels.   In the meantime, it's almost Christmas and one is left thinking about whether this upcoming winter might be like last winter: 'the winter that wasn't' or 'the winter of little snow'.   I am of an age that allows me to say I wouldn't miss the snow if it didn't arrive.   My five grandchildren wouldn't agree with me at all, of course.   Is it possible, I wonder, to have  back-to-back winters-that-never-were?   Oh, the times they are a changing.
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Barry Wallace      

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