Monday, September 16, 2013

On the trail in Happy Valley

 Photos by Barry Wallace
September 15th...halfway through the month...a drizzly day on the Oak Ridges Trail in the Happy Valley...abundant wildflowers...sumacs starting to turn red...dark shadows under huge hardwoods in the forest.   
The Oak Ridges Trail  looks north from this spot at the end of the 7th Concession, north of the 16th Sideroad.   There is some light on the trail but all is heavily shaded on the steep ridges and deep vales in the woods.
On the edges of the dark forest, New England Asters and goldenrod brighten the sides of the trail like street lights.   There is no wind on this still day but a few steady raindrops remind us to keep moving.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Asters and Golden rod are one of the joys of September, and they make a great subject for a painting!