Sunday, September 15, 2013

Strange School days remembered at Laskay Hall

Laskay Hall was the gathering place for former students of Strange School on Saturday, September 14.   Many people attended a pot-luck lunch or the pot-luck supper, as well as many who visited in between the two meals.   The day-long event was pervaded by a sense of old-fashioned, community closeness and and decades-old memories and recollections.   In the photo above, Gloria Dalton, one of the chief organizers of the event, is seen at the dinner buffet table.   Like most small community get-togethers, there was a feast of food with plenty of leftovers.  

A very pretty and tasty reunion cake marked the occasion and also commemorated the 50th anniversary of the closing of the fifth and last of Strange's country schools. 
Mrs. Ross Morgan (above right), a 12-year resident of Laskay, back in the 1970s, helps herself to the buffet dinner, with a little assistance from one of her daughters, on the other side of the table.
Photos above by Barry Wallace
Linda (Cairns) Wallace, above left, reminisces with her one-time public school teacher, Caroline Muir, who began her teaching career, as a 17-year-old city girl with three months training, at Strange School in the early 1950s.   Caroline brought along a large collection of photographs from her time at Strange School.  
Photo by Barry Wallace
Strange School, in 2013, is no longer a school, but a private commercial enterprise, located on the east side of Weston Road, 1/4 miles north of the King Road.
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