Monday, September 2, 2013

Then and now on Keele Street

Photo courtesy of Dave Hunter
Photo by Barry Wallace
One-time King City resident, Dave Hunter, has sent along another old photo (top) of King City; this time from 1960.   It shows the first three houses on the west side of Keele Street, just north of the railway underpass at the King Road.   Dave's old photo seems to show the aftermath of an ice storm in the village.   There appears to be a hydro truck or perhaps a tree remover's vehicle on the scene along with three people who seem to be assessing the situation involving fallen tree branches and overhead wires.   In the second photo, taken this past weekend, the same three houses still exist, although the one closest to the intersection of King and Keele has undergone noticeable renovations over the years.   Thanks for the photo Dave.
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Barry Wallace  

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