Friday, August 8, 2014

August blooms

                                                                                                            Photos by Barry Wallace

Hollyhocks at the Hare Apartments
Temperanceville ~ King Road & Bathurst Street

Hollyhocks are rather an old-fashioned flower to many people.   They were very popular fifty to a hundred years ago, particularly in more rural areas.   Today, they are still around and about, often in many new colours and in double and puffed blooms.   As children my sisters and I would make floral dolls from hollyhocks.   Two or three inverted blooms would make a fancy wide-bottomed dress, buds would be used for the body and head and then another inverted bloom would make a wide-brimmed hat.   Hollyhocks are biennials but they are so adept at seeding themselves that they appear to to be perennials.

Astilbe (middle) and Daylilies (bottom) in our garden
 Forde Crescent ~ King City
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Barry Wallace


  1. They are the most beautiful of flowers but a bit fickle, we have had them for years in out garden but not one appeared this year