Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday serenade in King City

                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Barry Wallace
George Mastoropoulos
This is my neighbour George who often has Greek music wafting from his garage on Bennet Drive.   I occasionally hear George singing along to the musical tunes in his deep bass voice.   This past weekend, he was not only singing along but he was sitting on a chair in his garage doorway playing along with the recorded songs on a small guitar.   I've lived across the street from George for at least 25 years and never heard him play a guitar before.   He told me he learned to play the guitar when he was in the army and was part of a musical band.   King Township old-timers will remember George from the 13 years he operated his popular restaurant on the southwest corner of the King Road and Dufferin Street.   The restaurant was called Rafferty's and was named after the small crossroads hamlet of Rafferty's Corners which was named after Francis Rafferty.   Rafferty bought the land on the northeast corner of the King Road and Dufferin Street in 1831 and built a hotel and home on the site. 
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Barry Wallace

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