Monday, March 30, 2015

Less mobile than before...

As luck would have it, Charcot's Foot has caught up with me.   The bones in my right foot are separating.   It behooves (no pun intended) one to seek a early solution when possible, as the alternative is quite unpleasant.
The treatment is to put a cast on the afflicted foot and compress all the foot bones, over time, until the bones fuse into one big bone and walking is normal again...hopefully.   My getting around King Township and further afield will be slowed by a cast (see photo) that I may have to wear for up to a year.   This blogsite (Camera on King) and my other blogsite (Barry the Birder) may become less frequent, as my mobility is reduced.   My intention is to carry on blogging, however, and I hope you will continue to look me up now and then.   Have a great summer everyone.

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Photo by Linda Wallace


  1. We will miss you Barry, good luck with the cast,
    We will keep an eye on your blogs as always

  2. Boy that sounds nasty, hope this clears soon

  3. That sounds painful, hope it heals soon.

  4. Oh gosh, sorry to read this. We hope the cast will do its magic and your leg will heal sooner than expected. We want you happy and healthy.