Friday, March 6, 2015

New A.S.K. art show at King Museum

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Winter show closes ~ Spring show opens
Arts Society King's "If Winter comes..."  art show at the King Museum, at King Road and Jane Street in Kinghorn, draws to a close on Saturday March 7.   That's the bad news.   The good news is that Arts Society King's "Spring emergence"  art show opens a week later on Saturday, March 13, at the museum.   The spring show is multimedia, ranging from paintings, photography, jewellery and wood items, plus art cards and small prints.   If you are lucky, you may be able to catch both shows.  

Also of note...
This week's (Mar.5) Weekly Sentinel newspaper reports that the King Township Museum is getting a new name, courtesy of King Township council.   It will now be known as the KING HERITAGE AND CULTURAL CENTRE, in keeping with its expanded space and facilities, and with its enhanced mandate as the new cultural hub of the township.

And while you're at the museum...
Excuse me...while you're at the new heritage and cultural centre, don't forget to take a lingering, soul-stirring gander at Gary Conway's large-format photography show entitled "Three Forests Exhibition, in the new display gallery (see photo below).

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