Monday, August 10, 2015

Dog Tales Festival a great success

Photos by Barry Wallace
A huge crowd showed up at the two-day weekend Dog Tales Festival, at the 50-acre dog and horse sanctuary on King's 19th Sideroad and Dufferin Street.   It was a total love-in for for the visitors who came to see the rescued animals.   There were  almost a hundred rescued dogs of many shapes and sizes, although most were large and many were of the pit-bull variety.   The horses, numbering around three dozen or more, where mainly of the draught-horse type, and beautiful creatures they were.   Visitors were allowed to tour both the kennels and the stables.   The kennels resembled a luxury hotel and the dogs were housed liked royalty.   If you missed the festival, Dog Tales receives visitors on Sundays, so this remarkable facility can be seen in all its glory by everyone.

This sweetheart, above, had no eyes at birth, but being blind for him is normal and he thinks all other creatures are just like him...including humans.

50 acres is a lot of ground to cover, so some of the littlest visitors had to be given a ride around the Dog Tales grounds.

Above is the impressive reception area of the Dog Tales kennels and beyond that visitors are seen wandering among the rows and rows of spacious, immaculately-clean and comfortable cages, with extraordinary sleeping accommodations.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. it really is an impressive rescue place, thanks for the tour