Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First fall warbler passes through

Photo by Barry Wallace
Female American Redstart in garden
The first fall migrant warbler showed up in the backyard on Monday.   It was a female American Redstart.   American Redstarts are common spring and fall migrants in Ontario, as well as common breeders.   The first migrants are typically seen in southern Ontario in early August and the numbers increase by mid-August, peaking in late August to mid-September.   At this time of year, American Redstarts are one of the most abundant migrants in eastern Canada and the USA.   This is not the first time an American Redstart has the been the first fall migrant in our backyard.   Now, if a dramatic, black and orange male showed up, this would be a grand, complete sighting.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. We haven't seen this little bird,right now we seem to have a huge flock of starlings
    and they eat a LOT!