Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ospreys over King

 Photos by BarrytheBirder
A check of three spots in King Township where Ospreys have been seen this summer has turned up the big birds in two of the sites.   Pictured above is a female Osprey in a nest at the northern end of Bathurst Street at the top of the Holland Marsh.   Immediately below is a photo of an Osprey nest on a private hydro pole, on the north shore of the Spray Lake Watersports, on Keele Street at the south side of the Holland Marsh.   Ospreys were seen here earlier in the summer, but all birds and fledglings appear to have moved on.   I watched this nest, with my binoculars, for several minutes on Friday of this week but no birds showed up.

Meanwhile, in the photo below, on the right, are a large female and a smaller male on the top of the very high communications tower in Temperanceville, at the southwest corner of King Road and Bathurst Street.   I watched the nest for several minutes as the female made many adjustments to either her eggs, her young, or the nest itself.   The original nest here had been removed by utility workers, but Ospreys returned this spring and re-constructed the nest.   The rebuilding seemed to delay the mating and egg-laying, which explains why the female Osprey seems to be late in raising her brood.

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Barry Wallace

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