Saturday, February 27, 2016

Brown creeper suns itself in B.C.

Photo by Dave Kemp
My British Columbia friend and photographer, Dave Kemp's timing is excellent.   Here I am with two legs and a chest full of staples after some unexpected cardiac bypass surgery and wondering when I'm going to be regularly picking up my camera for pictures in my local  'Camera on King' blogsite, and Dave arrives!   Well, here's a very interesting photo by Dave, of a Brown Creeper (Certhia familiaris) on Canada's balmy west coast.   What's of particular interest in this shot is that the bird is seen in a very uncommon pose.   This is an inconspicuous bird (smaller than a sparrow).  It is slender, brown, streaked, and is usually seen creeping up tree trunks, looking for bugs, using its stiff tail for support.   Unlike a nuthatch, it only moves up a tree trunk and having reached the top, it will fly down to the base of a another tree and repeat its spiral ascent.   Dave's photo shows this bird in as resplendent a photo as you are apt to see.   I've seen many Brown Creepers in and around King, but do not have a photo of one in my own files.
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Barry Wallace

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