Thursday, February 11, 2016

Laskay hall to relocate?

 Photos by Barry Wallace
A few times over the last several weeks, I've heard rumours that the venerable Laskay Hall could one day be moved to Kinghorn, to join the other historic buildings on the site of the new King Heritage and Cultural Centre ( the former museum).   A call to Chris Fasciano, King's Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture, confirmed that such a move is a possibility and a suggested use for the historic landmark might be as a theatre/performance centre.    


  1. That's sad but the Laskay I knew doesn't exist anymore, anyway. At least they're not tearing it down to build another mansion.

  2. Twas 1970 when I and ''The Humber Creek Boys'' played our,
    first paying gig there.

  3. Hope it will be available for functions as it has been up to now.
    The green ground at the KH&CC is shrinking. I have many good memories of Laskay Hall (mostly ASK related functions) and of course the two beautiful ASK soires and the art/nature school programes on the grounds of the museum. It has been lots of fun.