Saturday, February 13, 2016

New and improved Bathurst St. emerging

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Here are some recent photos of the Bathurst Street reconstruction on King Township's north-eastern flank, near to Newmarket and Holland Landing.   In the past couple years, the road been widened, massive culverts and monster ditches have been installed, and paving has been completed on the section between Miller's Sideroad/Green Lane West, in the south, and Morning Sideroad, in the north.   The push north over the top of the King Ridge and down into the Marsh, between Holland Landing and Bradford will likely last into 2017.   I imagine the cost of reconstructing this 5 kilometre, 2-lane, stretch of road has to be one of the highest cost road projects, on a dollars to kilometre basis, in the history of York region.   Looking at the pictures here, God forbid anyone goes through the guardrails in some of these spots. It will be like driving off the edge of the world.

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Barry Wallace

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