Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Local ponds getting low

Photo by Barry Wallace
Driving about on the Monday holiday, I noticed many King Township ponds shrinking as water levels go down.   It's been a long hot summer and the ponds I'm seeing appear to be down 10 to 12" since their spring levels.   I haven't seen any dry ponds yet, but I suspect many of the ephemeral ponds in the big woods up on the King Ridge have dried up.   The lovely pink waterlily pictured above was taken in the pond at the front of the Field farm, on Keele Street, opposite Cavell Avenue, north of King City.   The tiny hamlet-like setting here was once known as Fogville.  The four pink waterlilies were the only waterlilies in the whole pond, and the pond itself was surrounded by a ring of bare brown earth left by the falling water level.   Weather forecasts offer little hope of much rain in the near future.   
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Barry Wallace

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  1. so pretty. Hope some rain will bring back the water level.