Saturday, August 27, 2016

Schomberg Street Gallery preview at museum

Some of the paintings to be seen at this year's Schomberg Street Gallery on Sunday, September 11th, are currently in a preview showing in Kinghorn, at the King Heritage & Cultural Centre.   The painting at top is by Mahtab Abdollhai.   In the middle is a painting by Cayla Hollingshead and the bottom painting, called 'Dancing Lights' is by Silvia Phillips.   The event in Schomberg will also include not just paintings, but also sculpture, photo art, porcelain, pottery, leather work and jewellery.   
Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. lets hope the weather is just right.

  2. It has been always a great event. I love the size of it. It gives one the opportunity to talk to the artists and see their wonderful art. It is not overwhelming and the art works are truly beautiful and each has a story. I have purchased quite a few pieces and cherish them on a daily basis, especially now since we moved away. Next time I want to be there to relive the experience. Wishing SVSG and its visitors a fantastic day.