Monday, August 1, 2016

Rose of Sharon finally blooms

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Hibiscus syriaca, also known as Rose of Sharon (especially in North America) never blooms until August.   Linda and I get a bit impatient waiting until summer is half over, or so it seems, for this beauty to show up.   We have two types, the single bloom (above) and the double bloom below.   The singles blooms appear as a bush or shrub, while the doubles can grow 6' wide and 12' high, making them almost like a tree.   Our double bloom Rose of Sharon is just 4' wide and 5' tall, but it's beautiful (see photo below).   The picture at the bottom shows a bee gathering nectar from a Rose of Sharon bloom.   In Britain, the common name for hibiscus is Rose Mallow, and in Italy: St. Joseph's Rod. 

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Barry Wallace

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