Monday, December 12, 2016

Cold Creek Conservation Area ~ 11th of King

 Photos by Barry Wallace

The English Wheat Barn

The English Wheat Barn at Cold Creek Conservation Area was completely closed in with replacement barn boards in 2015 and sports a rather odd patchwork appearance combining older, newer and brand new  boards.   Curious onlookers will probably have to wait until next spring or summer to see how this situation is resolved.   The barn is over 160 years old and has has already received restoration of its foundation, flooring, roof and cleaning of its interior.   The barn was designated a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act in 2009.   Donations can still be made to: Cold Creek Stewardship Barn Restoration and mailed to Cold Creek Stewardship, c/o Bob Belcher, 124 Wellar Avenue, Nobleton, Ont. L0G1N0

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Barry Wallace  

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  1. It looks unique and beautiful, quite matching the stones.