Monday, December 19, 2016

Whither the heart of Schomberg?

Photos by Barry Wallace
With the ongoing commercial development in Schomberg, centred on the intersection of Hwys. 9 and 27, plus on both sides of Hwy. 27, south of Hwy. 9, one wonders if there is a fundamental shift happening in the village of Schomberg, where the things that are at the heart of a community, are inexorably changing.   Pictured above is the new McDonald's and Petro Canada on the south-east corner of Hwy. 27 at its intersection with Dr. Kay Drive and Dillane Drive, with the Trisan Centre in the background.   Diagonally, at the north-west corner of the same intersection, billboards announce a new retail plaza in the near future.
The photo below shows a heritage building on Main Street that began its existence about 140 years ago as the business of druggist Alfred Eastwood.   After a number of commercial retailers have come and gone here, today it is a real estate office.   Other historical villages in York Region, like Kleinburg and Unionville have transformed themselves into glamorous and ultra-commercialized tourist attractions.   Could that be the future for Schomberg?   Or is Schomberg's Main Street a place to be the heart of a community, with commercial outlets being just one part of the many factors that contribute to a broad spectrum of civic pride and interest? 
Schomberg's separate Main Street has something that neither King City nor Nobleton have.   How long will Main Street's heart beat strongly?

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Main Street is and always will be the "Heart" of Schomberg!
    The happenings on Hwy 27 are incedental and ugly!