Friday, December 9, 2016

New fence for King City Cemetery

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Old King City Cemetery fence was 88 years old

A new fence along the King Road frontage of the King City Cemetery
is being installed.   The old fence dated back to 1929.   When the fence contractor, Joe Karabin, was removing the cement footings and old metal posts, he discovered the remains of a previous fence which may be the footings of the original fence for the cemetery, which dates to 1887.
Jim Wemyss, who manages the King City Cemetery told me this week that there is photographic evidence, in the cemetery records, of a wooden picket fence that may have been the original fence on the property.   He said there may also have been an iron fence in place prior to the one being replaced now.   True to tradition, the new fence will look like the one it replaces.   

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  1. thought the ground is too frozen to work on

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