Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ardea alba makes a local appearance

Photos by Barry Wallace
Great Egret at Temperanceville Pond
Here's a creature one doesn't normally see along the King Road between King City and Temperanceville, at Bathurst Street.   This large, stately, long-necked heron usually breeds colonially in groups of five to thirty-five nests.   I'm used to seeing them at Luther Marsh, north-east of Orangeville.   Sam, one of the baristas at The Roost Cafe in King City, tells me, she has seem them in Schomberg, at the lagoons.   This one caught my eye while foraging in shallow water at the edge of the small pond at Temperanveville, but when I stopped to take a picture, it flew a short way south to a ploughed field and waited for me to leave.   The few shots I did get were not that good, but they did mark the occasion.

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Barry Wallace

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