Thursday, June 29, 2017

Something I'd never seen before...

New park and playground
has an
for babies

The new park and playground on Austin Rumble Court in the south end of King City has an innovative feature just for very small kids.   It is a swing that is specially designed to hold a baby's car seat, with a baby inside, and secured to a playground swing set.   See photos below.

The swing is seen above with the large-sized restraining arm in the up position, which allows for the placing of the baby (in its car seat) onto the swing.   In the picture below, the restraining arm is seen in a lowered position, just before it would be pressed down into a locking position, to secure its precious playground passenger.   I have not seen it in action, but I have to believe that wee guys and gals would love it.   No doubt, there will be others elsewhere in King Township parks.

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Barry Wallace


  1. What a great idea. I also recognize the name of the park I suspect I went to school with one of his relatives.

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