Thursday, August 31, 2017

Laskay Hall sets out on historic journey...

Photos by Barry Wallace
Laskay Hall begins its short but remarkable journey, on Wednesday morning, to its new site in Kinghorn, beside the King Heritage & Cultural Centre.   In the photo below it makes a sweeping turn onto the King Road, heading east.   Its total journey will be less than two miles (almost 3 kms) but will take almost six hours to complete.

The hall makes its appearance at the top of Tannery Hill (above) after passing over Hwy. 400.   Below, the hall starts its descent of Tannery Hill, and below that, it crosses over the East Humber River and stops at Jane Street, where unmovable traffic lights in the east lanes forces a jog onto the west-bound lanes, on the north side of King Road (third photo below). 

Bare and live overhead wires present a time-consuming delay at Jane Street, just short of the final destination.   Added to that were three more close sets of wires that were low and had to be lifted for the Laskay Hall to pass beneath.

Upon reaching its destination, the Laskay Hall was met by many spectators, including some with a very special interest. Pictured above are (centre) Kathleen Fry, Museum Curator, (left) Louise Di Iorio, archives volunteer, and (right) Madison Gane, heritage and cultural centre assistant.

More photos tomorrow...

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Barry Wallace


  1. Barry, you should have been a reporter. You are fantastic.
    I'm now curious how they will get the building on to its new foundation. Is there enough room for the big trailer to get there? I'm sure it has all been calculated; but for sure it will be a challenging part of the move.