Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Turning the pain of litter into the joy of spring


Photo by Barry Wallace
Say thanks to Don and his buddies
I took this picture on Keele Street, just north of the Oak Ridges Trail last Thursday.   It shows Don, an employee of York Region, who was out collecting debris and cleaning  up the roadsides on York Region roads.  Anyone making note of the before and after appearances of roads like Keele has to be saying a big silent thank you to Don and his comrades for regional roadside cleanliness.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Wow - I wondered who had created the magical and uplifting change to the entrance area of the Seneca side of the trail (and the trail itself)! I put a thank you on my neighbourhood "" group in case it was someone on there. Now I know who to credit with the much-appreciated transformation!

  2. Thank you to all who keep our nature and environment clean.