Saturday, May 22, 2021

Old King Airport tower disappears...

Photos by Barry Wallace

Three companies take over big site 
at Hwy. 400 and King-Vaughan Townline

The Beamish Construction presence, southwest of King City has disappeared.
The old King City Airport tower that had the Beamish name on for many years has also vanished.   Three new enterprises have appeared to taken over the large properties.

They include Kings
Valley Paving Inc., Royal Stone Group and Strad Aggregates, plus other affiliated enterprises. Many trucks, large and small, plus construction and industrial vehicles are crawling over the sites.

The photos below show how much activity is taking
place on the site and the two photos at bottom illustrate just how impactful the vehicle activity will likely have on local roads.

These two bottom photos, may foreshadow as omens, situations that will face King motorists, particularly locals and commuters, down the road (no pun intended).

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Barry Wallace

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