Friday, June 12, 2015

Entrance to Magna's proposed new international headquarters in King Township

                                                                                                    Photos by Barry Wallace
'Wib' Burns's old farm laneway
For the time being, the entrance to the site of Magna's new auto parts world headquarters at Kinghorn, is the old farm lane seen above.   It is just east of Jane Street on the south side of King Road, opposite the King Township Museum.   Wilbert 'Wib' Jennings farmed this land for decades during much of the second half of the last century.   He was a capable farmer and well-known throughout the farming community of York County, as York Region was known back then.Once 'Wib' slowed down at farming, he was a regular feature at Ken MacQuarrie's King City Motors garage, at the south end of the village.   The only person on Wib's old farm this past Wednesday was the surveyor pictured below, doing preliminary work on the site. The only other creatures on the old farmland, other than yours truly, were some Canada Geese (second photo below), gleaning what they could from the stubbly soil.  

The foraging geese, pictured above and below, on the sprawling 109 acres of land now owned by Magna, may or may not be displaced over the course of the next 18 months, as Magna occupies its new 320,000 sq. ft. headquarters plus research and development centre and is likely joined by a number of new office headquarters for many of Magna's industry suppliers. 

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