Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Out of the rain ~ into Sheena's Kitchen

                                                                                                              Photos by Barry Wallace

Driving around Schomberg in the rain, late Saturday afternoon, wasn't as much fun as we thought, so my dear wife and I dropped into Sheena's Kitchen on Main Street and had some soup, salad and quiche.  Photo below (left) was taken by my dear wife Linda as we split an order of lemon cake after our quiches.   It was a wonderful alternative to the wet weather.   Photo below (right) shows the dear lady herself, Sheena (on the left), along with our table hostess, Gillian Bowers. 


  1. I think Sheena is one of Schomberg Icons, her tea shop has her stamp on it.
    Great pictures thanks Barry.

  2. Hi. Barry, Just want to say we had lunch at Sheena 's Kitchen her last few hours, an she will
    Be retired as of today. So the photos will be a happy memory of all the years she has
    Been business 20 years in Schomberg and started in King.
    I felt saw to know that things will change now but Sheena had something special.hopefully who
    Takes over will be as popular as Sheena was .