Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rural throw-back...

Photo by Barry Wallace
Road-ready farm vehicle
For starters, this farm vehicle has a top speed of 55 mph., so it doesn't slow down traffic on any road it happens upon.   Its ground clearance is so darned high, you can see what's in front of it just by looking underneath it, between its wheels. Its tires are very narrow for getting between crop rows and its overall height and ground clearance means it can ride above crops that have already started to grow tall.   This is definitely a modern take on the old days in King City when Elmer Cairns would regularly drive his tractor down from Marylake to do his shopping, banking, visiting and whatever else he required in the village.   There were others also who occasionally took the 'tractor into town'.   The photo was taken at the stoplight in front of the plaza and township offices on King Road.
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Barry Wallace

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