Sunday, June 7, 2015

June...the month of peonies and daylilies

Photos by Barry Wallace

The cast I have been wearing on my right foot for the last 10 weeks has finally been removed, so mercifully this will be the last photos you see of the flowers in our back garden on Forde Crescent for some time.   I can't wait to get out and drive around and hike about, looking for the interesting and charming things that make King Township what it is.
Barry Wallace


  1. Would still like to see the flowers and the birds in your garden, but glad you are walking free again

  2. I thought I had just posted my comment, apparently it did not take it as I do not see it (at east not at this moment). Barry, I'm so glad that your leg is free now and you are mobile again without the cast. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your flowers. They are beautiful. Hope you will now and then post the pictures of your flowers. Thank you for updating us about what is happening in town.