Sunday, October 25, 2015

Autumn trail on old train route at Seneca

Photos by Barry Wallace
   One of my favourite local short hikes is the old track bed of the Aurora & Schomberg Railway (1902 to 1927) which I access from right behind the old Eaton estate gatehouse at Seneca College, on Dufferin Street,  just north of Eversley.   The old track bed is now a lovely tunnel through the trees and is well-marked with both trail blazes and signs.


A look through the trees on the trail gives a glimpse of the old Eaton Hall (above) or of  beautiful rolling fields and fall colours.

As I made my way along this particular trail, I couldn't help but notice that all the tree roots and many stones were lightly spray-painted in a grey colour.   A young lady walking her Standard Poodle, Giselle, told me there had been a long cross-country run around Seneca a few days earlier and that some intrepid volunteers had walked the entire course and painted the roots and stones so that runners would not step on them and hurt themselves.   It must have been a long and tedious process.   Well done, folks.
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Barry Wallace

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